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    Jay Drowns is Photography Manager at Utah Valley University. Jay’s photo “The Motion of Dance” was voted Best In Show in the February 2018 Monthly Image Competition. 

    Congratulations on a 'Best In Show’! Please go into the thought process behind the image:  Client request or your own idea?  Did you have a vision for a multiple exposure type image from the beginning or did the idea evolve?  Did you have to persuade anyone to try this technique?

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    (Photo by John Scott) -- The 2018 Roberts EDU Workshop took place Jan. 26-28 in Indianapolis. Several of the participants recap and reflect on the weekend’s events:

    John Scott, Sales Manager, Professional and Commercial Sales, Roberts:

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    John Russell is Senior Photographer at Vanderbilt and also team photographer for the NHL’s Nashville Predators. For more on John’s work, check out this story Vanderbilt’s news service did in 2017. John’s above photo “Tally by Calle” was voted Best In Show in the January 2018 Monthly Image Competition.

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    Glenn Carpenter has been the staff photographer at Moraine Valley Community College since 1990 and is currently UPAA president. His photo "Battle of the Braids" was voted Best in Show in the December Monthly Image Competition. 

    Congratulations on Best in Show! Tell us a little more about the image—and particularly since this one is a sports image, please include the technical data on camera, lens, exposure and such.

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    Troy University’s Chief Photographer Kevin Glackmeyer died at home Dec. 19 from cancer. He was 61. He went peacefully in his sleep.
    He was a Beatle’s fanatic. 

    Photo by Glenn Carpenter, Moraine Valley Community College
    Story by Clif Lusk, University Relations Coordinator at Troy University

    In my mind, I’ve stared at those lines for days. I have written hundreds of “obits” during my career in newspapers. I’ve written my share of “obit stories” as well. Some of those – mostly famous people or politicians — are pre-written so that deadlines can be met when the time comes. Thankfully, a few of those stories I’ve written are about friends, mentors or role models.

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    (Photos and text by Matt Cashore, University of Notre Dame)

    I do a thing on my Twitter account (@mattcashore) called #FourFaves. At the end of each month or after certain big events I tweet four images which to me represent that event or time. In that spirit and, uh, lacking any other content to publish, here are four mini-reviews of things I enjoyed in 2017:

    1. TSA Pre-Check

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    Joseph Howell is Senior Photographer at Vanderbilt. His photo "Comfort" was voted Best in Show in the November Monthly Image Competition. It was the second time this year Howell took Best in Show. He takes us behind the scenes in making this photo...

  • Photos and text by Matt Cashore, University of Notre Dame

    Last May, after the usual madness of spring had died down, I found myself with some idle time and--being the nerd that I am--I decided to try an experiment: I believe that just as a bigger negative generally made a better print, a bigger digital sensor generally makes a better photo.  But I'd never actually tested that.  Between ND-owned and personal gear, I had quite assortment of sensors: Digital medium format, full-frame, APS-C crop sensor, as well as the tiny sensor in the Mavic Pro drone.  Time to play mythbuster!

    The contestants:

  • Text by Roger Hart, University of Michigan

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                                                                                             Michigan Stadium, AKA "The Big House" (Photo by Eric Bronson)

  • Todd Paris is recently retired from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Todd was honored with the UPAA Master of the Profession award at the 2017 Symposium. His photo "Colorful Aurora" won Best In Show in the October 2017 Monthly Image Competition. We wanted to find out more about the tech and the thinking that went into his winning image. (All photos by Todd Paris)

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  • Joe Howell is senior photographer at Vanderbilt. His photo "Human Motion for Power" won Best In Show in the September 2017 Monthly Image Competition. We wanted to find out more about the tech and the thinking that went into his winning image. (All photos by Joe Howell)

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    I’d like to nominate Charles W. Clemons, Sr. Vice President for Advancement at Santa Fe College, for the 2017 Board Appreciation Award.

    In Oct. 2016, on my first day as the Multimedia Specialist, Vice President Clemons told me “I want you to spread your wings as a photographer. Go be creative.” A few weeks later, our volleyball team qualified for the national tournament for the first time in school history. I asked if I could go document the team’s trip to Wyoming. Much to my surprise, Mr. Clemons gave me the thumbs up to go. For him to trust me, whose work he hadn’t really seen much of yet, speaks volumes to how much he values and supports photography. After I returned, he bragged about the images of the trip to many around campus, including the president. 

    About a month later I get a text from him asking if my passport is up to date because he wanted to send me to Cuba. The president and others from the college were going to Havana to visit schools and meet with artists to build a relationship between them and the college. Mr. Clemons wanted me to go and document the historic trip. “You did such a great job documenting the volleyball team Wyoming that we want you to go do the same in Cuba.”

    Within the span of four months, he chose to send a photographer, who had just started at the college, on two big assignments. These are assignments which the college doesn’t typically send a photographer, but he saw the value in having them documented and worked to find a way for me to go.

    I’m a better photographer now because of Mr. Clemons. He understands the value of professional photography and how it can help promote the college.

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    Photo by Glenn Carpenter, Moraine Valley Community College

    I’ve been a member of the University Photographers’ Association since 1994 and this organization has provided me with education, friendship and support. My school, Ferris State University, has also supported me financially every year to attend the Technical Symposium because they can see the value of this important educational opportunity.

    We know that there are smaller schools that don’t have a lot of money for continuing education for their staff. Amy and I would like to help. We will cover the symposium fee for one first time attendee. Transportation and housing are not included but there are ways to work that out.

    Here’s our criteria:

    • A campus student population of 12,500 or less
    • It’s your first time attending
    • A statement of what you’d like to learn
    • A 10-15 image portfolio
    • A short resume or bio
    • Phone number
    • The deadline for applications is March 16, 2020
    • The recipient will be notified on April 15, 2020

    Bill Bitzinger and Amy Packard

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    Photo by Bill Bitzinger, Ferris State University

    Our members know the challenges we face and the best solutions to those situations. By leveraging our members’ talent we are able to offer the best programing tailored to our unique needs. That is why the University Photographers’ Association of America is pleased to announce that we are seeking member presenters for the 2017 Annual Technical Symposium at the University of Idaho.

    Members may submit a proposal for a presentation on a technical topic of their choice, with priority given to hands-on workshops and demonstrations. Members chosen to present will receive an honorarium of $250-$400 depending on the length of the presentation and the number of times it is presented. The honorarium is granted to cover the time preparing and presenting the workshop. Your proposal is due on March 15, 2017, and we will announce the final choices on April 1, 2017.

    The Fine Print: