• Remembering John H. Huffer

    John A. Huffer, Ball State University Photographer

    May 2,1959-Sept. 26, 2013

    The UPAA Board of Directors was saddened to learn that John A. Huffer, Ball State university photographer and two-time UPAA Photographer of the Year (2003 & 2005), suddenly passed away on Sept. 26, 2013. He was 54 years old and is survived by his wife Pam and his two daughters, Emily and Jordan.

  • Making Swan Lake

    I’ve wanted to shoot a dancer on the water for the longest time, so when I found out that our Theatre Ballet would be presenting “Swan Lake”, I knew that I finally had my opportunity.  Shani Robison, the Director of BYU’s Theatre Ballet, liked the concept and we set about to make it happen. My idea was to put the dancer on a platform about an inch below the water, and take the photo at sunset with a simple background. I used Google Earth to scout all the small lakes within an hour or so of campus, and I found one that was about 45 minutes away.

  • DAM Reviews - Photoshelter

    Digital Asset Management is a phrase that always seems to evoke the emotion of its acronym. Whether at a large university or a small community college, we are all challenged with the daunting task of organizing our large photo collections and sharing them with those who need access to them. Mike Ekern, of the University of St. Thomas, came up with the idea for a series of articles on the different DAM systems used by our membership. Hopefully this proves to be a useful resource to the UPAA membership who are struggling to create their own management system.

  • Baylor Line Camp

    LineCamp2013 from Baylor University on Vimeo.

    Baylor's Matthew Minnard and Robbie Rogers are at it again with a video highlighting the Baylor Line Camp, which is easily one of the most involved freshman orientation programs in the country. I checked in with Matthew to get some more information on the creation of the video:

  • 2013 Multimedia Competition Results

    The results are in for the 2013 Multimedia Competition. Here are the winners:

    Honorable Mention - Baylor University - A Social Gathering

    3rd place - University of Notre Dame - Silent Stone Houses