• Photog’s shutter frozen at 61

    Troy University’s Chief Photographer Kevin Glackmeyer died at home Dec. 19 from cancer. He was 61. He went peacefully in his sleep.
    He was a Beatle’s fanatic. 

    Photo by Glenn Carpenter, Moraine Valley Community College
    Story by Clif Lusk, University Relations Coordinator at Troy University

  • Four Faves from 2017

    (Photos and text by Matt Cashore, University of Notre Dame)

    I do a thing on my Twitter account (@mattcashore) called #FourFaves. At the end of each month or after certain big events I tweet four images which to me represent that event or time. In that spirit and, uh, lacking any other content to publish, here are four mini-reviews of things I enjoyed in 2017:

    1. TSA Pre-Check

  • MIC Q&A-2017 November

    Joseph Howell is Senior Photographer at Vanderbilt. His photo "Comfort" was voted Best in Show in the November Monthly Image Competition. It was the second time this year Howell took Best in Show. He takes us behind the scenes in making this photo...

  • Sizing 'em Up

    Photos and text by Matt Cashore, University of Notre Dame

    Last May, after the usual madness of spring had died down, I found myself with some idle time and--being the nerd that I am--I decided to try an experiment: I believe that just as a bigger negative generally made a better print, a bigger digital sensor generally makes a better photo.  But I'd never actually tested that.  Between ND-owned and personal gear, I had quite assortment of sensors: Digital medium format, full-frame, APS-C crop sensor, as well as the tiny sensor in the Mavic Pro drone.  Time to play mythbuster!

  • Saturdays in the Big House

    Text by Roger Hart, University of Michigan

                                                                                             Michigan Stadium, AKA "The Big House" (Photo by Eric Bronson)

  • MIC Q&A-2017 October

    Todd Paris is recently retired from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Todd was honored with the UPAA Master of the Profession award at the 2017 Symposium. His photo "Colorful Aurora" won Best In Show in the October 2017 Monthly Image Competition. We wanted to find out more about the tech and the thinking that went into his winning image. (All photos by Todd Paris)

  • MIC Q&A-2017 September

    Joe Howell is senior photographer at Vanderbilt. His photo "Human Motion for Power" won Best In Show in the September 2017 Monthly Image Competition. We wanted to find out more about the tech and the thinking that went into his winning image. (All photos by Joe Howell)

  • 2017 Board Appreciation Award

    I’d like to nominate Charles W. Clemons, Sr. Vice President for Advancement at Santa Fe College, for the 2017 Board Appreciation Award.

  • Bill and Amy Fellowship

    Photo by Glenn Carpenter, Moraine Valley Community College

    I’ve been a member of the University Photographers’ Association since 1994 and this organization has provided me with education, friendship and support. My school, Ferris State University, has also supported me financially every year to attend the Technical Symposium because they can see the value of this important educational opportunity.

  • Speed Up Your Downloads

    by Ken Bennett, Wake Forest University

    One of the most frustrating aspects of shooting a big event has always been trying to download many gigabytes of photos to my laptop, especially on deadline. I had several USB-3 card readers, and individually they were pretty fast, but using more than one would slow down the entire system. For our last commencement ceremony, it took more than thirty minutes to get all the photos onto my computer before I could begin editing. 

  • Exceeding Expectations

    Photo by Matt Cashore, University of Notre Dame

    There are certain things which trouble me more than they probably should.  Among these: Mayonnaise…the intentional grounding rule…pop-up flashes on DSLRs. I prefer full-frame, so the announcement of a new DX-format DSLR from Nikon would normally fly under my radar.  But when I saw the D500 was pop-up flash-less, it had my attention.

  • Magnetic Strobe Mount

    Photo by Robert Jordan, University of Mississippi

    I’ve always carried a few of the suspended celling mounting clips in my light kit bag with cold shoes which are Nikon/Canon locking pin compatible for hanging battery powered strobes from the celling. Using the clips, you can hang a flash from the celling without worrying about a light stand in the shot. The clips are inexpensive and work well, but they only work on suspended celling grids and you have to get both hands all the way up to the ceiling grid to attach/remove them to the grid.

  • 2016 POY– Matt Cashore University of Notre Dame

    Photo by Matt Cashore, University of Notre Dame

    Matt Cashore, a Notre Dame graduate and university photographer there since 2007, is the first recipient of the newly renamed Mark A. Philbrick Photographer of the Year Award for 2016. The name change honors eight time POY winner Mark Philbrick , who is retiring this year after a distinguished 40 year career as university photographer at Brigham Young University. Matt was presented with the award at the Austin Peay State University Symposium Awards Banquet on Friday evening, June 17th.