• Dawn Van Hall honored by SUNY Cortland

    By Glenn Carpenter, UPAA President

    Congratulations to Dawn Van Hall on receiving the 2012-13 Excellence in Professional Service Award from SUNY Cortland. I have known for a very long time that Dawn deserves this recognition because of her service on the Board, service as committee chair, and for her famous chocolate-chip cookies. Dawn has given of herself in order that UPAA, SUNY Cortland, and others may excel.

  • Aperture Magazine teams up with the UPAA

    Aperture Magazine has joined the UPAA family and will be sponsoring an award for the Annual Print Competition (APC). Aperture Magazine will award a subscription to the photographer who has the highest scoring print in the Personal Vision category of the APC.

  • The Nikon D4 Review

    Photos and Text by Andrew M. Daddio/Colgate University

    Full Disclosure: for the past twelve years all of my personal photo gear has been Canon bodies and lenses. I used to diss on Nikon, quite heavily I may add, until the introduction of the Nikon D3, which really leveled the playing field, if not taking a quantum leap forward. I shoot with Nikon for work, and I still retain and shoot with my Canon gear, but I do on occasion consider jumping ship to Nikon...

  • Spartans Will. 360

    Our own Kurt Stepnitz just started a 7 week marathon trip around the world working on a multimedia project for Michigan State University. This is the first in a series of posts chronicling his journey:

  • A Spin on Christmas - BYU Photo

    By Jaren Wilkey/BYU Photo

    This year we tried to create a really unique image for the annual "Christmas Around the World" Concert with the BYU Folk Dancers Company. We wanted to shoot directly down on a group of dancers with some fog and lots of different colored lights. The best way to do this was to attach our camera to a lighting bar directly above the stage and take it up 20 feet above the dancers.

  • Robert Jordan's "Doorknob to the Universe"

    Photo by Robert Jordan/Ole Miss Communications

    This year's Monthly Image Competition has been full of amazing images from the members of the UPAA. If you haven't seen them yet, check out the winners from November. The Best of Show prize went to Robert Jordan for his images called "Doorknob to the Universe" I asked Robert to share how he created the image:

  • FTB BTS with Mike Ekern

    I wanted to share this great behind the scenes video of Mike Ekern shooting the 2012 Football poster for the University of St. Thomas:

    To see more photos from the shoot and to gain some insight into how he created these images, check out  his blog post at The University of St. Thomas