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    (Photos by Gregory Urquiaga) Gregory Urquiaga is a staff photographer at the University of California, Davis. His photo “Officer Arrives to Memorial” was voted best in show in the February 2019 Monthly Image Competition.

    Quick tech stuff—camera model, focal length, exposure data, lighting used (if any):

    Nikon D3

    16-35mm, 1/320 f6.3 ISO 640

  • Many schools have a tradition of arranging the incoming first year class into a number, logo or other design for a group photo. Here are six examples of this type of class photo with details on the tradition and logistics behind each:

    Trevor Jones, Ohio Northern University


    The large ONU has been happening on campus since 2013. My first was in 2015. My coworker Ken Colwell was responsible for determining the size and shape, "I had to do a lot of research on how much room a human being takes up," said Colwell, associate director of web design.

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    (Photos by Matthew Modoono) Matthew Modoono is Manager of Photography at Northeastern University. Matt’s photo “Pedro Cruz Portrait” was voted Best In Show in the January 2019 Monthly Image Competition. 

    Quick tech stuff—camera model, focal length, exposure data, lighting used (if any):

    Camera: Nikon D5

    Lens: 50 1.4

    ISO: 100

    Aperture: 2

    Shutter: 1/250

    Lighting: Paul C. Buff Einstein with a 35” Foldable Octabox and grid.

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    (photo by Jaren Wilkey) BYU staff members Jaren Wilkey (6 O'Clock) and Nate Edwards (3 O'Clock) pose for a 'family' photo with BYU student workers including Savanna Richardson (about 8 O'Clock).

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    (text and photos by Matt Cashore) Matt Cashore is senior university photographer at Notre Dame and the editor of the UPAA blog and magazine.

    My blog article “Four Faves from 2017” got more feedback than most (thanks to both of you!!), so by uhhh...popular demand... I’m doing it again: Four Faves 2018. Here are four things I bought/used in the last year that stood out for their usefulness or value.

    1. DJI Mavic 2 Pro ($1499)

    Three word review: Worth the upgrade


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    (photos by Nate Edwards, BYU) Nate Edwards is photo manager at Brigham Young University and 2-time UPAA Photographer of the Year. Nate’s photo “Jazz Voices” was voted Best In Show in the November 2018 Monthly Image Competition.  Nate also won the Best in Show in October 2018 so some of the questions are answered in that Q&A.

    Quick tech stuff—camera model, focal length, exposure data, lighting used (if any):

    Canon 5DmkIV,

    16-35 f/2.8 III (shot at 16mm)

    F/10, 1/200 sec, ISO 100

    Alien Bees ring light

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    (photos and text by Matt Cashore) Matt Cashore is Senior University Photographer at the University of Notre Dame and editor of the UPAA blog and the outstanding jokes at the end of each article. This is the 7th and last in a series of articles on mirrorless cameras in the wake of the legacy manufacturers entering the mirrorless market. A digest of the series:

    Part 1: Initial impressions from Gerry Raymonda on the Canon EOS R and Jeff Miller on the Nikon Z7 



    (photos by Nate Edwards, BYU) Nate Edwards' photo "Childs Play" was voted 'Best in Show' in the October 2018 Monthly Image Competition. Nate gives a 'behind the scenes' look at a 'behind the scenes' photo.

    Quick tech stuff—camera model, focal length, exposure data, lighting used

    Canon 5D mk IV

    f/8 – 1/200 sec – ISO 200

    Canon 70-200 2.8L II (shot at 70mm)

    3 Profoto D2’s:  2-1x6 strip box’s with grids and a beauty dish.


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     Leica M Typ 240 and Nikon Z7 (photos and text by Roger Hart, University of Michigan)

    Roger Hart is Director of Michigan Photography and Michigan Media at the University of Michigan. In Part II of Mirrorless Month (see part 1 here) Roger gives a real-world user review after a month with his own Nikon Z7.

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    Mirrorless cameras are not new, but the two major legacy manufacturers’ move into the mirrorless market is a turning point in the photo industry. This is the first in a series of articles on mirrorless cameras as used by UPAA members, primarily focusing on the new entries into the market from Nikon and Canon. Gerry Raymonda (EOS R) and Jeff Miller (Nikon Z7) give us their first impressions of the new cameras: