Our Mission

We have produced Best Practices for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Authentically representing our campus and community is vital. Please share with your campus stakeholders.

The UPAA is an international organization of college and university photographers dedicated to the application and practice of photography as it relates to higher education.

Our organization is committed to photographic excellence through continuing education and networking with our professional colleagues. 
Founded November 12, 1961 by a group of New England photographers, UPAA has expanded to include members from 2-year, 4-year, public and private universities and colleges from nearly every state, Canada, Israel, Australia, Grenada, and Europe. The UPAA represents the very best in Higher Education photography.

The Visual History of Higher Education

In this difficult time, the community is vital to maintaining our connection to our craft, creativity, and each other. If you are a member of UPAA, be sure to join us in our Facebook Group

Why Attend the Symposium
2019 Symposium Video

David Caselli
Kennesaw State University
Pipette Dreams
Science and Research
Jaren Wilkey
Brigham Young University
People & Portraits
Brooklynn Jarvis
Brigham Young University
Student and Associate
Steven Bridges
University of Tennessee
Afternoon Study
General Features and Illustrations
Jay Drowns
Utah Valley University
Heavy Cloud
Sport Features & Illustrations
Matthew Modoono
Northeastern University
2020 Graduation
News and College Life
Jaren Wilkey
Brigham Young University
Diving TD
Sports Action
Matt Cashore
University of Notre Dame
Fall Aerial
Campus Environment
Jim Young
University of Illinois Chicago
Engineering Lab
Science and Research
Brian Blalock
Sam Houston State University
Full Moon Rising
Personal Vision
Jeff Fitlow
University Photographer
Doreen Ketchens Jass Musicain
Personal Vision