• UPAA Blog 2023-24 #15 3/21/24 (text and photos by Matt Cashore)



    So, uh…yeah…I’m old.


    How old? 


    Old enough that I saw the Star Wars Holiday Special when it aired. 


    Old enough that I remember Nikon Series E lenses.


    What are Series E lenses? (Don’t ask about the Star Wars Holiday Special…) They were a budget-priced line of Nikon lenses that felt a little less premium, but were a lot less pricey. As I recall the optical quality-particularly the primes-was on par with the more expensive versions.


    A Nikon FM2 with a Series E 50mm f1.8 lens. The lenses were noticeably lighter with more plastic and a less premium feel. Optically, this lens more than held its own.


    40-ish years later, there’s a new Series E line…sort of. 



    UPAA Blog 2023-24 #14 3/7/24  (Text and photos by Anastasia Noonkesser)

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  • UPAA Blog 2023-24 #13 2/22/24 (text by Josh Hawkins photos from Apple website)


    Josh Hawkins is a photographer at University of Nevada Las Vegas. His article is specifically about Apple apps and hardware. Not into Apple? This site gives links and info about similar apps on other platforms. 


    "Thingamajig Thursday" is an occasional series of articles on inexpensive (under $300) gadgets that can enhance efficiency and make the day-to-day of our jobs a little more convenient. Got an idea? Send it to the UPAA blog. Contact info at the end.



    When I first got my Apple Watch, my intention was simple: track my health data and embark on a journey towards a healthier lifestyle. 


  • UPAA Blog 2023-24 #12 2/13/24  (Text and photos by Erin Kirkland)



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  • UPAA Blog 2023-24 #11 1/25/24 (text and photos by Matt Cashore)


    "Thingamajig Thursday" is an occasional series of articles on inexpensive (under $300) gadgets that can make the day-to-day of our jobs a little more convenient. 



    Many years ago I brought the wrong charger on an international trip. Uh Oh. I managed, and haven’t made that mistake again (so far)... but I definitely welcomed USB-C in-camera charging as an extra layer of insurance against such self-induced disaster. In a pinch, all that’s needed is an easy-to-find-anywhere USB-C cord. 


    That said, though, I don’t care for in-camera charging as the primary charging option. A few reasons: A) I need to use the camera as a camera, not as a charger. B) I can only charge one battery at a time in-camera. C) I don’t think the USB-C port on the side of the camera is really made for the wear-and-tear of repeatedly using it as a charger.


    What if we could have the convenience of in-camera charging…out of the camera??


    Well, now we do with USB-C ports built directly into the batteries.


  • UPAA Blog 2023-24 #10 1/12/24  (Text and photos by Chris Low)


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  • UPAA Blog 2023-24 #9 12/28/23


    "Four Faves" is an occasional series of four mini-reviews of products and services UPAA members enjoyed and/or found useful in the preceding year. (See the last one here) Have some extra budget money to spend? Or some personal cash you're willing to invest in making your work life a little more convenient? Maybe one of these will be just the thing...


    (Photo by Jon Hendricks) “Great thing for on the road editing and folds up flat to fit with laptop."

    14” Dell USB-C monitor

    Jon Hendricks, Notre Dame


    Approx. $279, Available at the expected online retailers, B&H link here


    Pros: Only needs USB-C, no plugs, batteries


    Cons: “Not sure on color accuracy.”


  • UPAA Blog 2023-24 #8 12/14/23  (Text and photos by Abbie Lankitus)

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  • UPAA Blog 2023-24 #6 11/16/23  (photo above by Doug Levere)


    This is the third article in a series on the latest tech and laws regarding drones. 


    •The first article: A side-by-side comparison of the still photo results from three popular DJI drone options. (TL;DR? They're all quite good.)

    •The second article: A step-by-step guide to getting permission to fly in a stadium TFR. (TL:DR? Not as difficult as you might think, but be thorough with your paperwork!)


    This article deals with the Part 107 rules for flying at night. TL;DR? Drone pilots licensed under Part 107 are allowed to operate at night under two conditions:

    •They complete an online recurrent training or updated initial knowledge test (Plain English: if your license is current, you've already done this.)

    •Their drones are equipped with anti-collision lighting visible for at least three (3) statute miles and are flashing at a rate sufficient to avoid a collision. (Plain English: Can you spend 20 bucks and do you have a working knowledge of adhesives?)


  • red couch


    UPAA Blog 2023-24 #5 11/2/23  (Text and photos by Briana Scroggins)


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  • UPAA Blog 2023-24 #4 - 10/19/23


    This is the second in a series of articles on drones. See the first here.


    The era of consumer drones arguably began in 2013 with the the first DJI Phantom. In only 10 years drone tech and regulations have evolved and continue to evolve at a remarkable pace. This series will feature new tech and new opportunities available to drone pilots today. In this article, two UPAA members share their experience obtaining permission to fly a drone inside the Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) in place around certain major sports events. See this PDF for more info.-Ed



    A STEP BY STEP GUIDE - Nate Edwards, BYU

    (Text and photos by Nate Edwards, Brigham Young University)


  • UPAA Blog 2023-24 #2 - 9/21/23 - Text and photos by Matt Cashore 


    This is the first in a series of articles on drones.