• MIC Q&A June 2022

    UPAA Blog 2021-22 #23 - 7/14/22 (photos and text by Steven Bridges)

  • A Symposium Worth Waiting For

    UPAA Blog 2021-22 #22 - 6/30/22 (photos and text by Matt Cashore, photo above by Andy Tucker)


    Ahhhh! At last! Some things you just can't replace with Zoom. Thank you to the University of Georgia and the ever-expanding UPAA membership for the return of the inspiration and fellowship of an in-person Symposium.

  • Student MIC Q&A

    UPAA Blog 2021-22 #21 - 6/16/22 (photos and text by Brooklynn Jarvis)

    Brooklynn Jarvis is a student photographer at BYU Photo. Her Student and Associate category photo "Light Painting" won 1st place in the category in the May 2022 Monthly Image Competition.


    1.Quick tech stuff—camera model, focal length, exposure data, lighting used (if any):

  • MIC Q&A May 2022

    UPAA Blog 2021-22 #20 - 6/2/22 (photos and text by Fred Zwicky)

  • What Faith Means to Me

    UPAA Blog 2021-22 #19 - 5/19/22 (photos and text by Cydney Scott) Above: Feb. 2, 2022; Zowie Rico, who is a lunar witch, reads her Tarot and Prism Oracle cards in her apartment. 

  • MIC Q&A APRIL 2022

    UPAA Blog 2021-22 #18 - 5/5/22 (photos and text by Ryan Young)

    The MIC Q&A is a monthly feature on the UPAA Blog to take a deeper dive into the technique and thought behind UPAA's contest-winning images. Ryan Young's Campus Environment category image "Harry Potter Library" was voted Best in Show in the April 2022 Monthly Image Competition.

  • Flagship First Impressions

    UPAA Blog 2021-22 #11- 1/27/22 (left photo by Matt Cashore, right by Jaren Wilkey) 


    by John Scott, Roberts Camera

    Both the Z9 and R3 introduce a new level of speed and accuracy in terms of autofocus and frame rate.

  • The art of seeing

    UPAA Blog 2021-22 #9- 12/30/21 (photo by Jeff Miller) A student reads a book on Bascom Hill at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, May 2002. Despite the image being of college-age itself, "I'm pleased to say that I think the photo still holds up," Jeff says. "I have a large metallic print of this photo in my office. It still pops and I still enjoy looking at it."