• Flagship First Impressions

    UPAA Blog 2021-22 #11- 1/27/22 (left photo by Matt Cashore, right by Jaren Wilkey) 


    by John Scott, Roberts Camera

    Both the Z9 and R3 introduce a new level of speed and accuracy in terms of autofocus and frame rate.

  • The art of seeing

    UPAA Blog 2021-22 #9- 12/30/21 (photo by Jeff Miller) A student reads a book on Bascom Hill at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, May 2002. Despite the image being of college-age itself, "I'm pleased to say that I think the photo still holds up," Jeff says. "I have a large metallic print of this photo in my office. It still pops and I still enjoy looking at it." 

  • Thingamajig Thursday - Godox AD300

    UPAA Blog 2021-22 #7- 12/2/21 (text and photos by Matt Cashore)

    Matt Cashore is senior university photographer at Notre Dame and editor of the UPAA blog and magazine. (Yup, that's me writing about myself in third person again...) "Thingamajig Thursday" is an occasional series on gadgets or gizmos roughly $300 or less in price that make the day-to-day tasks a little more convenient. 

  • Photographic Pets

    UPAA Blog 2021-22 #4- 10/21/21 (text and photos as noted) This is an expanded version of an article that appears in the 2021 Contact Sheet, the UPAA annual magazine.