• UPAA Blog 2023-24 #1 - 9/7/23 - By Chamberlain Smith and the University of Georgia Photo Staff


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    UPAA Blog 2022-23 #22 - 6/23/23 (text by Meredith Forrest Kulwicki, above photo by Matt Cashore)



    You may have noticed more wide-eyed expressions of wonder at the symposium this year. Sixty-five people attended their first ever in person UPAA Symposium at Norte Dame in 2023. One of them was me.


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    UPAA Blog 2022-23 #21 - 6/16/23 (photos and text by Brooklynn Jarvis Kelson)

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    UPAA Blog 2022-23 #19 - 5/11/23 (photos and text by Michael Pierce)

    Who are you?            

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    UPAA Blog 2022-23 #18 - 4/27/23 (text by Mark Carriveau)

    Mark Carriveau is the photographer at Elgin Community College. The 2023 Salary Survey is open as of this article's publication. It's available on UPAA members' dashboard. -Ed.


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    UPAA Blog 2022-23 #15 - 3/16/23 (text and photos by Adam Atkinson, Lafayette College, Easton Pennsylvania)

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    UPAA Blog 2022-23 #14 - 3/2/23 (text by Chelsea Purgahn)

    Chelsea Purgahn is the photographer and videographer at St. Edward's University in Austin, TX. Like many with a dual title, Chelsea juggles the demands of being one person with two jobs. Which comes first? depends. Chelsea offers some insight on how she handles the competing priorities. -Ed.


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    UPAA Blog 2022-23 #13 - 2/16/23 (text and photos by Julia Schachinger)

    Welcome to the "New And Improved!!! "MIC Q&A. Details on what's new are at the end of this article. This month's featured photo is by Julia Schachinger, from the Student and Associate category. -Ed.


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    UPAA Blog 2022-23 #12 - 2/2/23 (text and photos by Matt Cashore)

    "Thingamajig Thursday" is an occasional series on gadgets or gizmos roughly $300 or less in price that make the day-to-day tasks a little more convenient.


    What is it? -Glow ParaSnap 44

    How much? -$249 full price (frequently on sale)

    Pros? -Flat packing, quick setup, good size, easy to change light mounts

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    UPAA Blog 2022-23 #9 - 12/22/22 (photos by Matt Cashore, text by Mark Carriveau, UPAA Board Secretary)


    Hello from the UPAA board! With the calendar year winding down we want to update the members on what we’ve been doing on your behalf.

    We love to hear from you. Seriously! So please do participate in the surveys, but feel free to contact a board member whenever you have a question, concern or idea. We’re here to make the organization stronger for everyone.