• AirSense = Common Sense

    UPAA Blog 2020-21 #8 - 11/5/20 (text and photo above by Matt Cashore)

    Matt Cashore is editor of the UPAA blog. He's a part 107-licensed drone pilot, and a commercial-licensed fixed wing pilot with over 1700 hours, so he's taken several FAA exams and checkrides, and is allowed to say words like "Roger," "Niner" and "Vector" on the radio. And yes, he is talking about himself in third person.


    UPAA Blog 2020-21 #6 – 10/20/20 (text and photos by Jay Drowns)

    Jay Drowns is assistant director of photography at Utah Valley University Marketing & Communications. His Campus Environment category photo 'Fibonacci-ish' was voted Best in Show in the September 2020 Monthly Image Competition.

  • Westside 365

    UPAA Blog 2020-21 #5 – 9/30/20 (text and photos by Charles A. Smith)

  • Reaching a Turning Point

    UPAA Blog 2020-21 #4 – 9/22/20 (text and photos by Patrick Murphy-Racey) This is a companion article to a series in the forthcoming 2020 Contact Sheet, the UPAA annual journal.

  • Pandemic Impacts UPAA Members

    UPAA Blog 2020-21 #3 - 9/15/20 (text by Dean Harephoto above by Young Kwak) Dean Hare on the sidelines during a Washington State football game, October 2, 2016 at Martin Stadium in Pullman, Wash. Dean Hare was a photographer for Washington State University Photo Services from 2014-2020. His last day was Sept. 15, 2020.

  • Football is back...with a few adjustments

    UPAA Blog 2020-21 #2 - 9/11/20 (text and photos by Jaren Wilkey) Jaren Wilkey is Manager of Visual Communications - BYU Photo.  On Labor Day 2020, BYU played the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland; one of the first handful of college football games held in the "new normal" of COVID-19 protocols and precautions.

  • The UPAA "Mentoring Tree" - Bill Bitzinger

    UPAA Blog 2020-21 #1 - 9/1/20 (photo by fellow retiree Robert Jordan) Bill Bitzinger at the 2014 UPAA Symposium at Sanford University in Birmingham, AL.

    This is a companion to an article in the 2020 Contact Sheet, the annual journal of the University Photographers' Association of America .

  • MIC Q&A April 2020

    (text and photos by Matt Cashore) Matt Cashore is senior university photographer at Notre Dame and the editor of the UPAA blog and magazine. (…so, um, yeah, Matt is talking about himself in the third person.) Matt’s Campus Environment category “Snow Aerial” was voted Best in Show in the April 2020 Monthly Image Competition.

  • POY Q&A

    (photo by Steven Bridges) For the first time in 3 years UPAA has a new Photographer of the Year: Steven Bridges from The University of Tennessee.

  • Together Apart

    (text and photo composite by Nate Edwards, Zoom photos by...everyone....)

  • Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

    (photo by Matt Cashore) Above, 2019 Annual Print Competition judging at the Symposium at Grand Valley State University. This link is the most up-to-date information on contest deadlines, rules and entry specs and procedures.

  • MIC Q&A-2020 MARCH

    (text and photos by Joe Howell) Joe Howell is Senior Photographer, Marketing Solutions at Vanderbilt University. His sports action photo "Eye Poke" was voted Best in Show in the March 2020 Monthly Image Competition. As many know, backboard remotes in college hoops seem to be magnets for attention, both positive and negative.