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    UPAA Blog 2021-22 #17 - 4/21/22 (photos and text by Michel Caron)

    For many photographers...of a certain age...the transition to digital meant wondering what to do with the boxes and drawers and folders of slides and negatives. Fortunately, if you're old enough to have this problem, you probably also have a box or two full of the parts required for a quick and convenient solution. Michel Caron of Université de Sherbrooke in Quebec details his setup and workflow. -Ed.



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    UPAA Blog 2021-22 #16 - 4/7/22 (photos and text by Nate Edwards)

    Nate Edwards is photography manager at BYU and a three-time UPAA Photographer of the Year. His General Features and Illustrations category photo "Winter Ballet" was voted Best in Show in the March 2022 Monthly Image Competition. (All four of Nate's entries placed in the March contest.) The MIC Q&A is a monthly feature on the UPAA blog to learn more about the thought and craft behind the UPAA's contest-winning images. -Ed.


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    UPAA Blog 2021-22 #15 - 3/24/22 (photos and text by Heather Gulgin, photo above by Matt Cashore) 

    Heather Gulgin is a professor of exercise science at Grand Valley State University. She conducted a study of photographers and how they work and move. The UPAA blog is no substitute for professional medical consultation (Uh, obviously!) but the suggested stretches shown in this article may help on those long days when the Alleve has worn off and the aches and pains are getting ache-ier and pain-ier. -Ed.


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    UPAA Blog 2021-22 #13 - 2/24/22 (text by Andy Tucker, photo above by Dorothy Kozlowski) 

    Andy Tucker is assistant director of photography in the Division of Marketing & Communications at the University of Georgia. In January 2022 the Georgia photo team covered the Georgia Bulldogs' first football national championship in over 40 years. Five photographers in two states all coordinated to document this historic event. Andy gives a behind-the-scenes look at the planning, logistics and coordination that went into it:

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    UPAA Blog 2021-22 #12 - 2/10/22 (text and photos by Jim Young)

    ­Jim Young is the senior staff photographer in the Marketing/Communications Department at the University of Illinois Chicago, College of Engineering. He has been a professional photographer for 25 years, most of it as a photojournalist at Reuters News Agency (Canada, Washington DC, Chicago). He's been at UIC since August 2019 and joined UPAA in October 2021. His website is  

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    UPAA Blog 2021-22 #11- 1/27/22 (left photo by Matt Cashore, right by Jaren Wilkey) 


    by John Scott, Roberts Camera

    Both the Z9 and R3 introduce a new level of speed and accuracy in terms of autofocus and frame rate.

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    UPAA Blog 2021-22 #10- 1/13/22 (text and photos by David Caselli

    David Caselli is a staff photographer at Kennesaw State University in Georgia. David has been a professional photographer for over 15 years and began his career at The Marietta (GA) Daily Journal. He's been at KSU for 11 years and has been a UPAA member for 3+ years. His Science and Research category image "Pipette Dreams" was voted Best in Show in the December 2021 Monthly Image Competition. The MIC Q&A is a monthly feature on the UPAA blog to learn more about the thought and craft behind the UPAA's contest-winning images.

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    UPAA Blog 2021-22 #9- 12/30/21 (photo by Jeff Miller) A student reads a book on Bascom Hill at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, May 2002. Despite the image being of college-age itself, "I'm pleased to say that I think the photo still holds up," Jeff says. "I have a large metallic print of this photo in my office. It still pops and I still enjoy looking at it." 

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    UPAA Blog 2021-22 #7- 12/2/21 (text and photos by Matt Cashore)

    Matt Cashore is senior university photographer at Notre Dame and editor of the UPAA blog and magazine. (Yup, that's me writing about myself in third person again...) "Thingamajig Thursday" is an occasional series on gadgets or gizmos roughly $300 or less in price that make the day-to-day tasks a little more convenient. 

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    UPAA Blog 2021-22 #6- 11/18/21 

    Photo and video are unavoidably equipment-intensive jobs. Sometimes we can get caught up in the hopes that a new gadget can be the key to a creative breakthrough or solve the frustration of the month. Any photographer who's been at this profession a while has that drawer or box full of gadgets and gizmos that seemed to make life easier for a while, but didn't quite work out as hoped, or got superseded by a gadget that made life even easier for half the price. And let's be honest, every manufacturer has their share of letdowns and lemons as well. No brand is immune. 


    The Visual History of Higher Education


    Our Mission

    The UPAA is an international organization of college and university photographers dedicated to the application and practice of photography as it relates to higher education.


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    UPAA Blog 2021-22 #5- 11/4/21 (text and photos by Matt Stamey) 

    Matt Stamey is the staff photographer at Santa Fe College in Gainesville, Florida. Matt has been a professional photographer for 17 years. Like many UPAA members, he started in newspapers, ultimately landing at the Gainesville (FL) Sun. Five years ago he made the switch to higher ed and joined Santa Fe College and UPAA at the same time. His Sports Features & Illustrations category photo “Flip” was voted Best in Show in the October 2021 Monthly Image Competition.