• Thingamajig Thursday - Godox AD300

    UPAA Blog 2021-22 #7- 12/2/21 (text and photos by Matt Cashore)

    Matt Cashore is senior university photographer at Notre Dame and editor of the UPAA blog and magazine. (Yup, that's me writing about myself in third person again...) "Thingamajig Thursday" is an occasional series on gadgets or gizmos roughly $300 or less in price that make the day-to-day tasks a little more convenient. 

  • Photographic Pets

    UPAA Blog 2021-22 #4- 10/21/21 (text and photos as noted) This is an expanded version of an article that appears in the 2021 Contact Sheet, the UPAA annual magazine.

  • A New Year, New Changes-UPAA Board Announcements

    UPAA Blog 2021-22 #1- 9/9/21, (photo by Ken Bennett) Members of the UPAA Board, clockwise from lower left: Jeff Gage, Susan McSpadden, Amanda Pitts, Mark Carriveau, Nick Romanenko and Glenn Carpenter meet at Grand Valley State University in September 2018 to prepare for the 2019 Symposium. 

  • UPAA Symposium: "The very best sort of family reunion"

    UPAA Blog 2020-21 #30- 6/30/21 (text by Megan Bean, photo above: Matt Stamey photographed his viewing --and coffee making--setup in his Stanta Fe College office)

    Megan Bean is Public Affairs photographer at Mississippi State University.

  • MIC Q&A June 2021

    UPAA Blog 2020-21 #29- 6/25/21 (photos and text by Craig Chandler)

  • 2021 Nominations for Board of Directors

    UPAA Blog 2020-21 #28- 6/10/21

    Above: The UPAA Board of Directors gather at one of the 2019 Symposium presentation sites during their midyear meeting, September 2018.

  • MIC Q&A May 2021

    UPAA Blog 2020-21 #27 - 6/4/21 (photos and text by Jaren Wilkey) 

    Jaren Wilkey is director of BYU photo. His General Features and Illustrations category image "Trolling" was voted best in show in the May 2021 Monthly Image Competition.

    Tech stuff? What camera, lens, exposure, lighting, gadgets, gizmos, etc.?

    •Canon EOS R5

    •28-70mm f2 at 28mm

  • UPAA Blog Year in Review

    UPAA Blog 2020-21 #26 - 5/30/21 (by Matt Cashore, UPAA Blog editor, above graph is Google Analytics of UPAA blog, 9/1/20-5/29/21) 

  • Facebook: Maximize the good, limit the bad

    UPAA Blog 2020-21 #24 - 5/3/21 (by Amanda Pitts) 

    Amanda Pitts is Senior Photographer at Grand Valley State University, past Symposium host and a UPAA Board member.