MIC Q&A October 2023

red couch


UPAA Blog 2023-24 #5 11/2/23  (Text and photos by Briana Scroggins)


Who are you?             

Hello UPAA! Thanks so much for allowing me to introduce myself and talk about one of my photos! My name is Briana Scroggins and I am the Multimedia Coordinator for the Marketing and Communications team under the Office of Enrollment Management at the University of Utah. That is a long-winded title to basically say I create visual marketing content for admissions at the U. I have been at the University of Utah for almost two months now.  


Briana Scroggins


How did you do that?      

New to the U, I was scoping out locations to take a portrait of biomedical engineering major and ended up in the Crocker Science Center. The core building, the George Thomas building was a U-shaped structure built in 1935 and was the university library until 1968 and then was the Natural History Museum of Utah until 2011. After a generous donation the building was completely renovated in 2018 to include in inner structure that has natural light and windows to look into different laboratories and classrooms. (If you are wondering about the sculpture hanging in the atrium it is the “Life of Tree,” a solar-powered kinetic sculpture that moves like the reflection of a Pinyon Pine tree reflected in water.) 


building atrium


As soon as I walked in, I knew that this space would make beautiful images. While on the third floor I looked over the rail and noticed how amazing and balanced the seats were and snapped a few frames of Nicole and Kevin. (I was using my Nikon D810 with my 24-70mm 2.8 lens at ISO 400, f4 and 1/160th


I later went back to grab the photos of our biomedical engineering major on the third floor.  


featured portrait


horizontal portrait


What was this photo used for? 

So far, the image of the chairs hasn’t been used yet. 


Was there an inspiration for this shoot?  

Honestly, all the credit goes to the architects and interior designers for this space. They designed a space that students love to study in that is also stunning.  All I had to do was lean over a balcony and push the shutter. 


contact sheet


Would you approach it differently if you had to do it again? d

I am content with the image for now, but I keep revisiting this spot to see what else reveals itself over time.

Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to chat about my work. You can find me @blsphotography on Instagram. I’d love to connect! 


If you have any questions or have a photo and story that you think would make a great feature next month please contact David.Dick@cwu.edu