• An Invitation - Baylor Photography

    Homecoming is always a stressful time for a University Photographer. Every year there seem to be more and more events to shoot, and never enough time to do them justice.

  • Behind The Scenes of "Center Stage"

    One of my favorite images from the Summer MIC is Michael Lewis' "Center Stage" which took first place in the Features and Illustrations category. I thought it would be fun to have him explain where he got the idea for this image and how he shot it. Here is the explanation from Michael Lewis and his student Doug McKay:

  • 9/11: Looking Back then Moving Forward

    How do you commemorate the tenth anniversary of the darkest day of our generation? We've struggled with this question over the past few weeks. Most of the students at our Universities were far to young to appreciate the magnitude of September 11th, yet their world is largely shaped by the effects of it. The rest of us remember it far to vividly.

  • Behind "Burn Camp"

    When I'm working on a multimedia piece I always struggle to know when to shoot stills and when to shoot video. For me it always has been difficult to juggle between the two. When I first saw Burn Camp, I was amazed at how well Dot Paul mixed stills with video to tell a compelling story. I caught up with her at the Utah Symposium and asked if she would be willing to share the story behind her award winning piece. Check out the video first and then read her comments below:

  • DAM White Papers from Canto

    UPAA Annual Conference sponsor Canto has released two educational whitepapers on how to implement and optimize digital asset management.