UPAA Annual Conference sponsor Canto has released two educational whitepapers on how to implement and optimize digital asset management.

The “Building A Better DAM” white paper offers ideas to maximize the usability, functionality and value of your digital asset management system.  You’ll learn:

  • Metadata design tips that help you ensure you’re tracking everything you need both now and in the future.
  • User account configurations that simplify permissions assignments for more secure systems
  • Ideas for keeping metadata fresh and accurate
  • Keeping users interested in the DAM

You can download the “Building a Better DAM” white paper at: http://canto.com/betterdam

The “Getting Started with DAM” white paper covers all the things you can do before you purchase digital asset management software to ensure that your system is a success.  You’ll learn:

  • How to analyze workflows and interview users so the system will be liked and used
  • Which environmental requirements determine whether an on-premise or cloud-based system is best for your organization
  • Who do you need on your “Team DAM” for your system to succeed
  • Where to find trusted advisors so the system meets your needs

You can download the “Getting Started with DAM” white paper now at: http://canto.com/getstarted