Last year I was blown away by Baylor Photography's time lapse of their 2009 Homecoming. UPAA Members Robbie Rogers and Matthew Minard wanted to do something special to commemorate Baylor's 100th Anniversary of Homecoming, so they spent three days shooting the events traditionally and with a time lapse setup and then cut together this amazing piece:

Homecoming 2009 from Baylor Photography on Vimeo.

The boys at Baylor are at it again. This time they wanted to find a new and different way to cover the annual Move-In Day, which is an annual event where hundreds of volunteers help move several thousand new students into their dorms. The theme they came up with was "Thinking Inside The Box" which meant that they would do a time lapse from the perspective of a moving box:

Baylor University Move-In 2010 from Baylor Photography on Vimeo.

In order to accomplish this they mounted a Canon 5D Mark II with a 14mm lens to an apple box and then, with the help of an intervalometer, fired a shot every few seconds. I love the result that this unique point of view offers.

The Apple Box Rig used in creating the Move In Day multimedia piece. Photo by Matthew Minard/Baylor Photography

I asked Robbie about why they put so much effort into creating these pieces and he mentioned how important it was to create content for their many social media outlets. While their work for Baylor Magazine reaches 150,000 people, he sees social media as a way to expand their reach to an even larger audience. Check out their work on the Baylor Facebook Page, the Baylor Proud Blog, Current Students Site and of course Baylor Photography.