As still photographers move more into the video world, we're once again in need of some continuous light sources that can work for both our still and our video work. Here is a quick demo I did with the Litepanels Micro Pro and the 1X1. These lights are quickly taking over the broadcast world, and anybody who have ever burned themselves on a hot light can understand why. We have a 4 light kit that has two 1x1 spots and two 1x1 floods. We use these LED lights for both still and video shoots, and they are quickly becoming my favorite lights. They are daylight balanced, fully dimmable, cool to the touch and they travel like a champ. My only complaints are that they are very pricey and they need to be brighter. I'm sure that the next generation will improve on both counts, but for now when we are shooting video we always try to completely black out a room and light it only with Litepanels. Here are some examples of work that we have done with them:

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