The 2009 Symposium was hosted by Deborah Lanni and Bruce Fox at Jamestown Community College in New York. Every year we take a day trip and have a shootout, and this year we were lucky enough to spend the day at Lake Chautauqua. I decided that this trip would be a great chance to shoot some more video with my Canon 5D Mark ii, even though I really wasn't prepared for it. This was one of the first videos that I shot, and looking back at it now makes be cringe a bit.

The audio was captured with a Roland R-09 and a Sony Condenser Mic mounted in the hot shoe of the camera. The music came from Braden and Teresa McCue, siblings who were staying a hotel on the lake. They were jamming on the front porch of the hotel while I was shooting Martin Vloet chimping his images. They were gracious enough to let me record them and use is as the main audio for the piece.

I ended up having a lot of fun shooting the shooters, plus it showed me the powerful capabilities of HDDSLR video.

And yes, next time I brought a tripod.