Annual Narrative Series Competition Rules

When Sparks Fly.jpeg

Photo by Kim Pederson, Rock Valley College


The Video/Cine Competition is designed to allow our members to enter videos and other projects like Exposure and Adobe Spark, to be judged by their peers.



  1. Video/Cine- These are university and college productions used in marketing or promotion of the institution, individual colleges, or departments. These could also be traditional commercials aired on cable, TV or as digital ads.
  2. Online Photo Essay- Photo essays have found new life with sites like Exposure, Adobe Spark, or custom website. Entries in this category are stories about the university, individual colleges, or departments. They can contain still photos, written essays, or short video clips.
  3. Social Media- These are short videos originally published on services such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or Reels.


  • The primary producer in both categories should be a UPAA member and should be the one submitting the production to the competition.
  • The awards will be given to the university similar to the Publications Competition, as more than one staff member may have contributed.
  • Video Producers and Full Members are eligible to enter these categories.
  • Each member can submit 3 entries, 1 in each category or all in one category.
  • The price per entry is $15



  • Use a screen grab or appropriate photo from the production for the image requirement.
  • Add a brief description and a link in the description field of the production. YouTube and Vimeo work best for video.