Ever since I had walked into the room years ago, I wanted to do something unique. Over the past years they just had a simple setup with out any drama or design. When the professor told me about using 37 microphones and a circular mounting system that extended below the floor I was at the lab the next day. It was a very simply complicated lighting set up using four einstein stobes with vagabond battery packs. For me, using barn doors is a must to put the light only where I want it. I used one light below the floor grid and three above. It took about an hour to set up with an other hour shooting various angles, lenses and expressions. I started with a 9mm fisheye up to a 35mm lens. The image that I won with was shot with a 15mm lens.
I am always surprised that one of my images wins, especially with all the great images we had in the competition. On the other hand, I don't enter
unless I plan to win.