Photo by Ken Bennett, Wake Forest University

The Board wants to remind everyone of announcements and decisions made at the 2019 Symposium. Member input is very important to the board and we use your ideas to help make decisions for the organization. The initiatives listed below come from your input. Please email ideas to Mark Carriveau prior to October 15 for inclusion in our agenda at the Midyear Meeting on November 1st.

Board and Business Meeting Summary of Decisions

  1. Trevor Jones was elected to the Board, his term is January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2023
  2. Based on members input the Board will take up the future of the Annual Print Competition and the Photographer of the Year award.
  3. Utah Valley University and Brigham Young University is hosting the 2020 Symposium
    1. June 15th to 19th
  4. Board Awards
    1. Master of the Profession- Jeff Etheridge, Auburn University
    2. President’s Award- Nick Romanenko, Rutgers University
    3. Board Appreciation Award- Thomas Haas, Grand Valley State University, President
    4. Distinguished Service- Jill Carpenter
    5. Fellowship of UPAA “FUPPA”- Jay Ferchaud, University of Mississippi Medical Center
  5. Board Midyear Meeting- the weekend of November 1 in Provo, Utah
  6. Monthly Image Competition
    1. New category for Student and Associate Member
    2. Personal Vision Category will be for Full Members only
  7. Publication Competition
    1. This year Grand Valley Marketing Department judged the competition.
    2. The board would like the hosting institution to judge the category in the future.
  8. Online Voting for Board Positions
    1. Just over 80 members participated in the election of board members. This expansion allows more members to have a voice in the election of leadership
  9. Member Concerns
    1. Quarterly Multimedia Competition- at this point there are not enough entries to support this expansion, but the board will keep track of this for future expansion.
    2. Membership Drive- The board will explore a means and method to allow members to get credit for recommending a new member.
  10. Website Needs
    1. Several updates need to be done in the coming 18 months
      1. Transition from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9 due to end of life and support for Drupal 7
      2. Potential new look
      3. New or upgraded CRM
  11. Dues Increase
    1. The board in considering several options including a discount for institutions with more than a certain number of members
    2. Primary use is to fund website upgrades

Annual Awards

  1. Overall MIC- Nate Edwards, Brigham Young University
  2. Nikon Shoot Out
  3. Nikon Z7 Kit- Jessica Bartlett, Cal State Chico
  4. Nikon Z6 Kit- Derrick Eckenroth Bob Jones University
  5. Multimedia- Tie, Brigham Young University and University of Georgia
  6. Photographer of the Year, Nate Edwards, Brigham Young University
  7. Libris Grant- Charles Smith, Jackson State University