After a long and busy summer, it is nice to have the students come back to start off another year. Here is a roundup of photos and videos welcoming students to the start of the 2012-13 academic year:

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University of Ottowa - Orientation Week - Matthew Hicks

Baylor University - Robbie Rogers and Matthew Minnard - Traditions Rally

Brigham Young University - Jaren Wilkey - Freshman Time Lapse

University of Portland - Jeff Kennel - Gallery of fashion from the first week of school

SUNY Geneseo - Keith Michael - Freshman Time Lapse

Western Illinois University - Larry Dean - Freshman Time Lapse

Baylor University - Robbie Rogers and Matthew Minnard - Move in Day

Baylor's Robbie Rogers gives directions during move in day - Photo by Matthew Minnard

Colorado State University - John Eisle - Freshman Time Lapse

Brigham Young Unviversity - Mark Philbrick, Jaren Wilkey, Jon Hardy, Bella Torgerson, Marcos Escalona - First Day of Class

University of Southern Indiana - Elizabeth Courtney Randolph - Freshman Photo

Knox College - John Williams - First Day of Class