It is becoming a tradition for the boys at Baylor to come up with unique ways to tell the story of Move-in Day. In 2009 there was the mess and in 2010 they reinvented the box. This year Robbie Rogers and Matthew Minard decided to tell the stories of the families dropping off their students. Check it out:

These Precious Things from Baylor Photography on Vimeo.

When I asked Robbie how they came up with the piece, this is what he shared with me:

The idea surfaced last October, after Matthew and I were chatting about
telling more personal stories.  Knowing we love Move In Day, I thought
about trying to get into residence hall rooms and seeing what the kids
bring with them.  Then we discovered that if we included the parents, this
would add the emotional element we were striving to get.

Have to admit - I really wanted to add some gimmicks to this piece, but we
went with straight reporting.  We put together the title slides and
storyboard a few weeks before Move In, then gathered photos and audio for
two days.  We talked Admissions into buying a ZOOM H2 that my wife used to
get the audio.  The only student we knew beforehand was the girl showing
off photos of her and her brother.  All the other students we grabbed on
the spot.

While Matthew was pulling together the images into Final Cut Pro X, I
asked our friends at Chapel if they would create some original music for
this.  We shot Wednesday and Thursday, Matthew producted a rough cut on
Friday, which was used to help create the music Friday night.  Saturday
and Sunday allowed time for the finishing touches. In the end we got to
show this to the 4,000 attending Chapel on the first day of classes.
Reactions from the students were varied from laughter to tears.  We are
promoting this with Tumblr, Twitter (@baylorphotos), Facebook and Vimeo.

You can see more of their great work at